My name is Fernando J. Villalovs. I was born in 1989. I grew up in Mexico City. At my 18 years of age, I graduated high school and chose to pursue a college education in the United States. I relocated to the Bronx and attended college at Fordham University, Rose Hill Campus, where I earned my B.A. in Philosophy (with honors) in 2012, and a Minor in Psychology. Upon graduation, I came back to Mexico City to begin my work at Arkesoul as a coach for children and adults through group and one-to-one sessions on the critical analysis of literature and other forms of art as the means for innovative thinking and personal growth. In 2014, I decided to pursue an M.A. in Philosophy while I took on freelance work translating, writing, and editing, primarily for culture magazines and startups. After a year or so of coursework, I was offered a place in the Department of Philosophy at Universidad Iberoamericana (2015-2017), where I translated and edited manuscripts for their publication in academic journals and publishing houses. I defended my dissertation in the summer of 2017 and am now a proud Master in Philosophy.

I work at Arkesoul since 2012, a think tank focused on researching and working through epistemological distortions that prevent the formation of learning and innovation. Arkesoul’s community works to advance a vision of nonlinearity, multidisciplinarity and integration; my field of research at Arkesoul is critical and analytical thought in the spaces of art and culture. True to my millennial ethos, I research artistic mediums such as television, videogames, literature, film, manga, anime, graphic novels, etc., for I believe against the orthodoxy of curated arts, that these are spaces wherein one can encounter the complexities of contemporary life, and the potential for personal growth.

In the academic vein, my current philosophical interests lie in the philosophy of literature, cultural studies and queer theory. I am particularly interested in subject formation, identity, and the role of discourse in the configuration of our cultural individualities. But I am open to other topics and approaches in the field; my undergraduate thesis was a monograph on a debate between Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida on the nature of madness (in the traditions of structuralism and post-structuralism), while my graduate thesis focused on the Problem of Evil, as debated by Alvin Plantinga and J.L. Mackie (in the realm of analytic philosophy).

Although I’m veering away from academic philosophy and focusing on a nonlinear, interdisciplinary and integral vision of knowledge—a move motivated by my work at Arkesoul—academic philosophy has been a foundational discipline in my intellectual curiosity and professional formation. I am indebted to my professors at Fordham University and Universidad Iberoamericana for their teachings and guidance, both of which allowed me to move towards my passion for critical thinking and cultural studies, and for the opportunities they kindly offered me to work closely and rigorously in the formation and curation of texts.

I decided to open this blog as an exercise of exploration of knowledge through the path of nonlinearity.

For my résumé, and a portfolio of my academic writing and translations, refer to my Academia profile.

For my professional services, reach me at villalovs@fordham.edu.