My name is Fernando J. Villalovs. I was born in 1989. I grew up in Mexico City. At my 18 years of age, I graduated High School and chose to pursue a college education in the United States. I relocated to the Bronx and attended college at Fordham University, Rose Hill Campus, where I earned my B.A. in Philosophy (with honors) in 2012, and a Minor in Psychology. Upon graduation, I came back to Mexico City to work on myself and spend quality time with my family. For a brief time, I worked as a life coach for children and adults and taught seminars on philosophy, literature, and creative writing. In 2014, I decided to pursue an M.A. in Philosophy while I took on freelance work translating, writing, and editing, primarily for culture magazines, and start-ups. After a year or so of coursework, I was offered a place in the Department of Philosophy at Universidad Iberoamericana, where I translate and edit manuscripts for a living (among other less interesting things). I defended my dissertation in the summer of 2017, and am now a proud Master in Philosophy.

Today I spend most of my time with books, movies, in museums, concerts and en route to my next trip.


When I was young, my mother read to me The Little Prince. This is most likely when my imagination started to race on its own; the imaginaries in the background of Prince incited me to produce my own poetry, stories and essays. When I was about 11 years of age, I became obsessed with writing and ideas, and also with the vibrant artwork and music of the skateboard, metal, garage, and alternative music cultures, which further pushed me to explore my creativity. I have been hooked ever since. I started writing in a serious manner since I was 15 or so, I did this until I enrolled in college in 2008. In school, I abandoned the exclusive ‘literary’ approach to writing and enrolled in the philosophy and psychology programs to broaden my horizons. I don’t consider myself a traditional writer, and I don’t know where this road leads; I am still figuring out the purpose of my  writing and where I want it to take me. For now, it makes the most sense to me to consider writing as a creative outlet that comes from a place within, and which is linked to every aspect of life.


I work at the Department of Philosophy at Universidad Iberoamericana, where my duties have included translating articles and books into English, style-editing and preparing the critical apparatuses and bibliographies of the resulting manuscripts for submission, as well as other administrative duties related to the Department (such as conducting research on behalf of other faculty members, transcribing presentations, contacting scholars for future visits, moderating conferences and book presentations, and interpreting live presentations to Spanish speaking audiences). My current research interests lie in the intersect of political philosophy and aesthetics. I am particularly interested in subject formation, power, violence, and practices of exclusion, and the role of art in political activism. But I am open to other topics and approaches.

In this blog you will find my non-academic writing: poetry, essays, reviews, diary entries, and stories.

For my academic writing, translations and editing, refer to my Academia profile.

For my CV refer to my LinkedIn page or my Academia profile.

For my writing, translating or editing services, reach me at fernando.villalovs@ibero.mx.