Hi, my name is Fernando Villalovs.

I studied a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in philosophy.

Having completed two book-length translations and copy-edited wrting of all sorts, I came to the realization that I wanted to share my own.

This site has changed over the years: at first it was devoted to cultural analysis, then to academic philosophy. I do too much of this stuff at work, so I decided that I would rather use this space to let my mind go. Fiction, I think, is the best route to do creative thinking, and the best polisher of ideas.

Most of what you will find here are character sketches and short stories, in different styles and tones, that however share themes in common: loss, loneliness, pain, redemption, fear and the belief that life is worth fighting for. I have come across people that have made an impact on my life in ways that I hope I can put into letter; I firmly believe these stories are worth sharing.

On a final note, a person close to my heart pushed me to hit my first ‘publish’ button.

This blog is dedicated to her.